Curve Side Byte FG Hexcore Fins

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Side Bite GL surfboard fins - fibreglass

  • colours include Red and Blue
  • fcs style original dual tab system
  • handmade fibreglass construction
  • comes as 2 fin pair
  • includes fin key 
  • includes protective travel pouch
    • height: 9cm / 3.54” 
    • base: 8.5cm / 3.34”  

    GL sidebite surfboard fins are a well balanced fin design with an excellent balance of base, height and sweep. Combined with rigid fibreglass construction results in an optimum quality fin. 

    GL's are an especially popular size for Longboards and Quads (Surfboard and SUP) providing extra drive and control, and come as a pair of 2 fins. 

    Available in two options, either: Fibreglass with Hexcore inlay, or hand layered Solid Fibreglass - for the more timeless and traditional true school look