Deep Minion Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP)

DEEP Minion Stand Up Paddleboard

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A super fun stand up paddle board that is fast and easy to turn.

This unique shape takes inspiration from some of the new wave of thinking within the surfing world, over the past couple of years of researching we have taken this idea and made our own refinements to make an original high performance sup.
This shape gives the rider the ability to surf a board shorter in length and narrower in width, enabling the surfer to make tighter more critical turns in places on the wave most sups can’t go. Increased speed and acceleration from the wider tail, straighter rail and complex bottom shape.
The Minion tail with its fin positions, deep double concaves, channels and double swallow tail outline, is purely designed to give this style of wide tail, more bite and positive control when you want to turn tight with speed and confidence. With the wide tail and wide nose you are getting the most out of the volume to give you a stable platform for a small board.
What we all love about this board, apart form the speed and high performance ability is that it is FUN and this is what surfing is all about!!
Construction details LWCI - Light weight carbon innegra. Using the highest quality materials, some of which is manufactured exclusively for DEEP we use a combination of carbon and innegra to make light weight tough durable laminate. Carbon adds stiffness and gives the board a positive flex, while the innegra is a lightweight material that will take the hardest paddle hits without shattering.
VBSC - Vacuum bagged sandwich construction. We use a 2mm structural fibreglass that is laminated under vacuum to give our boards a extremely tough deck to help withstand all deck depressions. A little bit heavier but very strong.

Radical shape paired with a tough epoxy/innegra construction handmade in Australia. Grab these a foot shorter than your standard surf sup. These will go fast!