Dolphin 8'10" Foamie Board - ON SALE NOW!

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Built for performance, the 8’10” Racing Board has been developed and extensively tested in both QLD, New Zealand and Canada.

In New Zealand the 8’10” Racing Board is used extensively by 10 and 11 years old.

This board provides the junior competitor a manageable transition from the Nipper Board to the full Racing Mal.

By allowing the juniors to develop their surf skills on a manageable craft this creates a new level of confidence in dealing with the surf conditions and proficiency of the competitor.

Built from the highest quality materials

- EVA Foam deck

- Closed Cell foam core

- No absorption of water

- Slick bottom for superior speed
& durability

- Added UV inhibitor to help
maintain colour & longetivity

- Nose & tail block to provide strength
in high impact areas

- Reinforced straps

- Available in standard size

- SLSA approved

- Assorted colours available

- Removable fin