Hi Port 2 Adjustable "T" SUP Ceiling Rack
Hi Port 2 Adjustable "T" SUP Ceiling Rack
Hi Port 2 Adjustable "T" SUP Ceiling Rack
Hi Port 2 Adjustable "T" SUP Ceiling Rack
Hi Port 2 Adjustable "T" SUP Ceiling Rack
Hi Port 2 Adjustable "T" SUP Ceiling Rack
Hi Port 2 Adjustable "T" SUP Ceiling Rack

Hi Port 2 Adjustable "T" SUP Ceiling Rack

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SUP Surfboard & Kayak Adjustable Multi Ceiling Rack 70kg - store your entire fleet from the ceiling!

Is your collection of watercraft taking over your garage? The Hi-Port 2 Ceiling rack from Spire is your solution! Not only does it free up garage, boathouse or shed space by occupying the under utilised overhead space, but it will also handle a small fleet of boards. Double, triple, even quadruple SUPs or just about as many surfboards as you're willing to stack. The possible utility of this heavy duty steel rack is almost too long to describe...... but that wont stop us trying!


  • Pair of adjustable 2x-sided racks 
  • SUPs kayaks & surfboards to max 70kg [35kg max per side]
  • 90 degree rotational base - attach perpendicular or parallel to rafters
  • Padded arms fit SUPs up to 36" [92cm] wide
  • Extension post allows for board stacking to 18" [46cm] tall
  • Gated pins for "no worry" mounting
  • Patent pending design

Fits a wide range of collections

Removable arms for boards up to 36" wide: The removable arms extend 25" [64cm] from the center post and attach at a slightly upward angle. This allows you to confidently place boards or wide fishing kayaks up to 36" [92cm] wide on each set of arms.

150 lb. capacity for large collections: Store up to 75 lbs [35kg] per side, plenty of support for your standard kayaks and enough to allow SUPs to be stacked.

Stackable board setup: Drop the center post to full extension and you'll have 18" [46cm] of height between ceiling and arms; plenty of room to stack multiple boards. Each of the 2 posts is individually mounted so board length won't be an issue, whether you have a 7' surfboard or 15' SUP. 

3-point adjustability:

Extension/retraction post minimizes space used: The center post can drop down to maximize storage (18" board/boat space from ceiling), or retract (10" [25cm] board/boat space from ceiling) to allow for greater clearance beneath the rack.  Mounting holes at approximately 1" [2.5cm] intervals allow for your optimal setup. "Low bridge" clearance (maybe you want to park a car beneath the rack?) is approximately 12" [31cm] below the ceiling.

90 degree mounting rotation to use on any ceiling: This is a big one since kayaks and boards can be very long and garages have joists that only run in one direction. The Hi-Port 2 opens up new possibilities by allowing you to mount the rack with arms running either parallel or perpendicular to the ceiling rafters.

Removable, padded arms: If only using one side, allows the post to be mounted against a wall.

Heavy duty, steel construction:

Suitable for outdoor use: Coated steel components will hold up against the elements, so go ahead and mount under a deck or boathouse.

"No slip" padding: Full length arm padding won't slip or roll, but will grip your boards or kayaks.

Gated pins prevent accidental movement: Post pins lock in place with an integrated gate to fully secure the posts.

Product Dimensions

  • Maximum board/kayak height = 18" [46cm]
  • Maximum board/kayak width = 36" [92cm]
  • Arm length = 25" [63cm]
  • Rack width with both arms attached = 52" [132cm]
  • 150 lb. capacity [70kg]
  • Full length from ceiling = 12" - 20" [30cm - 51cm]

What's In The Box

  • 2 sliding posts
  • 4 padded, detachable arms
  • 2 gated pins
  • All mounting hardware