Lunar Baltic Adjustable Carbon Fibre Ski Paddle (205-215cm)

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Lunar Baltic Adjustable Ski Paddle 205-215cm

Part of our new 2018-2019 Lunar Paddle Range, the Baltic is our take on the popular tear-drop shape. The Baltic has terrific catch at the front of the stroke and a truly dynamic pull phase. The exit is really clean, but has enough bite to help get that extra bit of control. Compared to the Tasman, this does not have as much of a severe scoop or tear-drop shape.

The paddle performs exceptionally well in a wide array of conditions, with peak performance in flat water - perfect for flat-water sprint kayaking.

Due to the dynamic pull phase which can be easily altered mid-stroke, it is also a suitable paddle for chop & ocean swell conditions.

The Small blade size comes in the Hybrid (60% Carbon 40% Glass) construction, which gives the shaft a soft and flexible feeling so the paddler can ‘feel’ the water and the stroke, yet maintains its strength. The hybrid is perfect for surf ski paddlers who need to continually accelerate and feel the stroke after each wave.


The Medium blade size comes in the Stiff 100% carbon construction.