Lunar Caspian Adjustable Carbon Fibre Ski Paddle (205-215cm)

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Lunar Caspian Adjustable Ski Paddle 205-215cm

Part of our new 2018-2019 Lunar Paddle Range, the Caspian is our take on the wing shape, which is designed for tho who like to maximise their catch and forward stroke. The wing shape offers a very dynamic pull phase, and a reasonably clean exit. Due to the nature of the blade, it is very forgiving such that it can be used in a wide array of conditions, and suits a wide range of paddlers.

The Caspian is one of our most popular bade shapes with surf ski paddlers, ocean racing paddlers and even touring kayakers.

The Caspian is offered in two constructions, either the hybrid or medium. 

The Hybrid (60% Carbon 40% Glass) construction gives the shaft a soft and flexible feeling so the paddler can ‘feel’ the water and the stroke, yet maintains its strength. The hybrid is perfect for surf ski paddlers who need to continually accelerate and feel the stroke after each wave.

The medium (90% Carbon, 10% glass) construction is far stiffer and is a more efficient blade with more direct power into the blade. However is more suited to stronger or more conditioned paddlers, as the added stiffness does