Ironman and NZ Black Fin Captain Max Beattie is back with a vengeance. After a challenging last season he is ready to make his mark on the 2017/18 Ironman series. 


Describe your season last year?

Challenging. Off the back of a career best season the year before, and then coming back from a successful worlds championships in the Netherlands, I struggled through injury and sickness for most of the season. I couldn't get any continuity with my training and it really took its toll mentally as well as physically.

What steps have you put in place to improve from last season?

This off-season I saw lots of health care professionals to try and find a non-surgical solution for back pain. After working really closely with my physio, I commenced some pretty serious rehab and made sure I stayed off the surgery table. Now, I'm back moving really well and happy with where my body and mind are at.

How important is the support team you have built around yourself?

Extremely important. Making sure you have positive, happy people in your life tends to be really infectious. In our sport “tall poppy syndrome” is unfortunately really prevalent. So I like to steer clear of that sort of thing surround myself with like minded people.

What steps have you put in place to remain as injury free as possible?

I listen to my body a lot more. I think that’s really important and something I really neglected in previous seasons. You can really do some damage if you don’t look after yourself. I also try and see my physio 2-3 times a month, and on other days I have “Home Program” with a few exercises for extra maintenance. I have a healthy (sugar free) diet, and try and steer clear or any alcohol during big training blocks and racing.

What has changed most about your training and lifestyle since moving to Surfers Paradise SLSC?

The biggest change I’ve noticed is the culture at the club. There’s no rivalries or big egos getting around our club, just a bunch of mates who like training together. And when you get to spend time with your best mates, doing the sport you love it makes those hard sessions a lot easier.

Since moving to surfers the biggest change?

The biggest change for me has definitely been my mental approach to racing. My physical capabilities have always been noticed and nurtured at every club I’ve been to, but the surfers crew worry about more than just “the athlete”. All Ironmen and Ironwomen are incredible athletes and training ridiculously hard, but often neglect the mental and emotional side of racing. Which I’m still learning everyday, with the help of my awesome coach Zayne Hamill and idol/mentor Trevor Hendy.

What are your goals for the upcoming season?

I’d love to finish Top 6 in the KNG Ironman Series and Win my 5th NZ Ironman title, those are my main 2 goals for the season. But like every Ironman, I really want to be at the “pointy end” of the Aussie Ironman Final. And lastly, I’d love to take-out the Aussie Board Relay with my Surfers team mates.

When out of the water, what are 3 of your passions?

I’m currently studying Social Media Marketing at the moment; and I find it really interesting, it’s also a great way to take my mind off training and racing and doing something different.

Im a massive coffee addict! So whenever I’m not studying, working or training I can usually be found at a cafe somewhere enjoy a strong flat white.

The Manly Sea-Eagles are my other passion. I know that sounds weird, but I love them ... passionately.

What are 3 goals of your in life away from sport? 

I’m currently buying an apartment with my twin brother. So ideally I’d love to be able tick that one off before the New Year.

Be happy. I think that’s the probably the most important one. Not get caught up in societal expectations and surround myself with happy, like minded people in whatever I’m doing.

It’s pretty cliche’ but I’d love to travel. I’ve been to some cool places already but it’s a big wide world out there and I’d love to see more of it.

Credit to: Engine Swimwear

December 01, 2017 — Jo Percy