Salt Gypsy surf board

By lowering the volume of the boards and including some concessions in the foil, rocker contours, and width, Salt Gypsy surfboards were tested to suit female surfers. These products feature the appropriate dimensions and volume allocations so that women can get the most out of their surfing experience. Shop online for your next Salt Gypsy board with Waterman Store Surfboards NZ.
Salt Gypsy Surfboards

Traditional polyester boards to suit female surfers

For years, traditional polyester boards have been the cutting-edge of performance surfing. With their progressive flex pattern controlled using a timber stringer, these boards feature traditional materials alongside contemporary design.

Salt Gypsy makes the most of the reliability of polyester construction while maintaining a focus and commitment toward thoughtful design. For the savvy Salt Gypsy wanting to do her part for the planet, every Salt Gypsy board is created with top-quality components and packaged with a stretch cotton dust jacket, ensuring zero plastic waste.

Salt Gypsy Dusty

Channelling an awesome retro style, the Salt Gypsy Dusty longboard is not the high-performance sort. It's made for the cruisers, the ones who love a chilled-out, smooth surfing experience. Picture yourself gliding on the road in an old Cadillac, and that's the vibe you'll get with this board.

Salt Gypsy Mid Tide

The Salt Gypsy Mid-Tide is a mid-length cruiser that comes in a range of sizes so just about any type of female surfer - regardless of height or experience - can enjoy the waves. It's among the least intimidating, most reliable surfboard models, designed for you to get out there and get the most out of the surf, drawing long smooth lines in cruise mode.

Salt Gypsy Shorebird

This twin fin board feels loose, fast, and has a lot of forward drive. Because of the lack of the centre fin, ladies who want to generate down-the-line speed won't have the hassle of the extra drag. For smooth and effortless turning, the twin fin is perfect in small to medium waves.

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Here at Waterman Store, we stock three of Salt Gypsy's best quality surfboards. Specifically targeting woman surfers who want good vibes, flow, and performance, Salt Gypsy is a brand leading the charge in the surf industry.

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