Salt Gypsy

Introducing Salt Gypsy Surfboards and SUPs designed specifically for Women of the Sea.

The Salt Gypsy surfcraft range has been purpose designed to look, feel, perform and enhance the interaction between women and their aquatic playground. The boards are lower in volume with some concessions in the width, foil and rocker contours all intended to make the boards more manageable on land and on the waves to really maximise precious wave riding time.

The three surfboard models: the Shorebird Fish Twin, the Mid Tide All-Rounder and the Dusty Longboard, offer everything from a performance approach to a more laidback, relaxed vibe. In combination they make an epic quiver covering a range of surf conditions and abilities for the everyday surf lifestyle. The Paradise Punch SUP is a beautiful board to get out on the water, easy to handle and easy to ride, to help find some Zen in a sometimes hectic world.