JM 8'10 - 60kg
Blue/White StripePink/White/GreyFluro GreenBlue/Orange/PinkZebra4Zebra5Zebra6Gradient2Gradient3Gradient4Geo #3+ 8 more
JM 10'6 - 70kg
From $1,995.00 $2,869.25 Sold Out
Set Stripes 2Red/White/Grey StripePink/Blue Zig ZagGrey/AquaBlue/Grey/WhiteAqua/Teal Zig ZagTeal Top/Grey BaseWhite/Yellow/RedSalmon Orange/Grey+ 6 more
Republic 8'10 Vector Net
From $850.00
Green 40KgGreen 50KgYellow Second Hand
Republic 8'10 - 40Kg
From $1,499.00 $1,834.25 Sale
Pink/WhiteAztec Green/YellowAztec Blue/WhiteAztec Pink/BlueAztec Red/WhiteEdge Green/CyanEdge Pink/MintAztec Mint/White+ 5 more
Republic 8'10 - 60Kg
From $1,489.25
Red/WhiteWhite/AquaRed White CHVAqua/WhiteBlueBlue/White Pin StripeRed/White Pin StripeAqua/White PanelAztec Blue/WhiteAztec Green/YellowAztec Mint/WhiteAztec Pink/BlueAztec Red/WhiteEdge Green/CyanEdge Pink/Mint+ 12 more
Republic 10'6 - 40Kg
$2,409.25 $2,869.75 Sale
Geo/RedAztec Tail Mint/WhiteEdge Wrap Green/Cyan
Republic 10'6 - 60Kg
Aztec Tail Blue/WhiteAztec Tail Green/YellowAztec Tail Mint/White
Republic 10'6 - 80Kg
Aztec Tail Mint/WhiteAztec Tail Red/White
Republic 10'6 - 90Kg
$2,409.25 $2,869.75 Sale
Red & WhiteGeo/RedCT GreenRed/Grey- 2nd HandEdge Wrap Blue/Yellow+ 2 more
Republic 10'6 Vector Net
Blue 50KgBlue 60KgBlue 90KgGreen 50KgGreen 60kg+ 2 more
Dolphin 10'6 - 90kg
From $2,355.00
Pink/Peach / SoricWhite Top/Pink Base / CarbonBlue/Grey Tw Str / HlwRed/Yellow Twin Stripe / HlwBlue/Teal Tail Spike / Hlw+ 2 more
Dolphin 10'6 - 50kg
Teal Top/White BaseRed Top/White BasePink/Teal Curved TailGrey/Teal Curved Tail+ 1 more
Dolphin 10'6 - 100kg
Blue/Teal Stripe / CarbonWhite Top/Ylw Base / Carb
JM 10'6 - 60kg
$2,409.25 $2,869.25 Sale
JM 10'6 - 60Kg Green/Blue Vert StripePink Base/Grey TopPink Top/Grey BaseTealBluePinkWhite/Yellow/Red+ 4 more
JM 10'6 - 90kg
$2,409.25 $2,869.25 Sale
Blue/Orange Zig ZagYellow/GreyGrey/TealBluePurple+ 2 more
JM 10'6 - 80kg
$2,409.25 $2,869.25 Sale
Light Blue/GreyYellow Grey/White StripeBlue/Yellow Zig ZagSet Stripes 5Orange/GreyAqua/Teal Zig ZagYellowAqua/Pink Zig Zag+ 5 more

Paddle boards

Whether you are looking to buy the latest innovation in surfboard design or invest in an amazing paddling experience you'll never forget, you will find it in our collection. We have carefully chosen surf craft paddle boards that we think will give you unparalleled speed, stability, and performance.

You'll be itching for your next session on the water. Check out our selection online and shop with Waterman Store now!

Paddle Board NZ

Deep 12' Prone Horizon

Providing a well-thought-out design for prone paddling, this board marries its rocker, unique nose entry, and outline for glide and direction in all ocean conditions.

JM 8'10

Now available exclusively at Waterman Store, the design, research, and testing of this board were powered by Jamie Mitchell, 10x Molokai to Oahu World Champion.

JM 10'6

Researched, tested, and designed by Jamie Mitchell, this is the perfect board for racing with its carbon fibre construction.

Republic 8'10 Vector Net

The latest in racing boards, this was designed and construed for high performance.

Republic 10'6 - 80kg

Designed by Team Rider and Ironman icon Wes Berg, this is the ultimate in racing performance.

Dolphin 10'6 - 90kg

Discover our range of construction options in the Dolphin 10'6 90kg collection, providing riders with a more personal choice: Vault Tech, full carbon or Soric.

Dolphin 6'6 Foamie

Just as with foamie surf boards, foam is the ideal material for the junior surf craft paddle board competitor. This board is the perfect transition between the Nipper board to the full racer.

DEEP 12' Prone - Typhoon - Pro Race Tech

Looking for the best boards for racing? DEEP's pro race tech provides momentum, easy entry, and stability.

Dolphin 10'6

Precision-shaped by computer and provided the highest quality finish by hand, these full-carbon race boards come in a range of weight options built for speed, manoeuvrability, and performance.

Shop Waterman Store New Zealand

Here at Waterman Store, we offer an awesome range of surf craft paddle boards from some of the top brands for our customers to enjoy. New Zealand is an amazing place to go surfing, and we are a company that aims to encourage our customers to get out there and make the most of the best surf spots in NZ!

We also have a great selection of stand up paddle boards, paddles, and accessories for anyone seeking a chilled-out time on the flat water - search through our website to find out more.

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