Jordan ‘Magic’ Mercer is a dominant figure on the Iron Surf Woman scene, becoming a signature showman and crowd favourite at every round.

Jordan Mercer has made the Surf Ironwoman sport her own since she arrived on the scene at 16 years old, becoming a signature showman and crowd-favourite at every round. There had never been anyone in the series so young and she led the way for a new wave of youthful women to shake up what was becoming an ageing field.

She's the daughter of Ironman champion Darren Mercer and grew up when the likes of Trevor Hendy, Grant Kenny, Darren Mercer and his brother, Dean, were Oceanic superstars of the sport.

Jordan learned from the best and was soon dominating the flags and sprints before deciding to give the board paddle a crack. "I couldn't believe what I'd been missing out on,” she says. “For so long I hated the water but now it's the hardest thing to leave."

She's now fast building a reputation to mirror her father's with a series of impressive victories all over the world.