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Race One is a collaboration with specialised manufactures to produce a limited series of paddles and is set to raise the bar for elite and beginner paddlers who want to paddle with the best. Whether you’re just getting into paddling or are an elite paddler looking for an edge next time you hit the water - check out Race One’s range of ocean ski paddles and surf ski paddles. Race One paddles are available in various lengths to suit the height of the paddler, and come in a range of colours so you can stand out on the water.



The Gara paddle is a very popular paddle that comes in a range of sizes 205, XS 205, S 205, L 208. The Gara is used by 2 x ICF Ocean Racing World Champion Cory Hill.


This paddle allows paddlers top gain the necessary skills to further their paddling, has wonderful scope of the front of the stroke and a tapered bottom to allow good clean exit.


The strong make to these paddles makes this a great paddle for those doing surf work and ocean paddling that don't have all the hours to spend in the gym. Used by Ironwoman champion Lily Finati.


The F1 paddle is a popular tear drop paddle. It is an awesome paddle for those who like a big strong catch and a quick release. The big catch helps propel your craft and get good speed, this paddle would be best suited to an experienced paddler in surf and kayak. A popular paddle used by ironman and kayaker brothers Jake and Mitch Morris.


The F2 is the best alternative there is if you feel that you are just not quite strong enough for the F1. This blade is just slightly smaller and is great for people who like getting their rating up quickly, an iron man, surf ski clubbie racer or an ocean ski paddler with some years under their belt. Ironman stars Kendrick Louis and Finn Askew are big fans of this paddle.


The Classic paddles are the very popular for those who like ocean and surf ski paddling, comes in S,M,L. The paddle has a very clean exit and feels very strong on the catch. This paddle is very popular for clubbie paddlers and will suit paddlers who haven't grown up as a kayaker. Very forgiving yet very strong throughout the whole stroke. Used by ironman Zach Morris.