So, you have decided to learn how to surf. The thought of heading out on a bright sunny day and riding the waves for hours sounds like an absolutely amazing time, but you still have a big problem - you don't have a surfboard yet. A good quality board that suits you and your experience level is an essential part of learning how to surf.

But, when you start to shop for your awesome new board, you run into another issue; you don't know what kind of board to get to optimise your time on the waves. There are quite a few different styles of boards for you to pick from, and each type offers its own pros and cons. Choosing the wrong kind of board can make learning how to surf harder and less enjoyable.

Therefore, knowing the best kind of board for beginner surfers is a must. A good beginner board will support you as you learn the basics and gain confidence in your growing abilities.

Surfboard For Beginners

What Is The Best Kind Of Surfboard For Beginners?

Beginner surfers may not realise just how vital a board's length, width, shape and build are. Specific boards are better for manoeuvrability and performance, whereas others offer better stability. Avoid going straight for the pro boards because your skill level probably isn't there yet, and you'll have a hard time trying to work with a performance board.

Instead, it's recommended that beginners start with a classic longboard. Longboards are, as their name implies, long boards that are great for people who are still mastering beginner-level moves and the basics.

Beginners will benefit the most from surfboards that offer excellent buoyancy and stability, and the longboard provides both. Buoyancy will help you stay afloat in the ocean, and stability will help you stay upright and practice your balance and footing. As a general rule, it's recommended that you get a longboard that is three feet taller than your height.

Once you've learned the ropes and have gained confidence with your longboard, you can then progress to a different kind of board. The next step for most learning surfers is the mid-length board. These boards are shorter than longboards and offer a higher level of manoeuvrability in exchange for less stability.

Once you've progressed with your mid-length surfboard and are used to its mobility and manoeuvrability, the final step for many surfers is the shortboard. This kind of board is much shorter than the longboard you started with, so it does provide less stability. A big advantage of a short board’s compact design is that it provides speed, control and freedom of movement - particularly on more powerful waves.

Choosing My First Board

What Should I Think About When Choosing My First Board?

Now you know that, in general, a longboard is the best kind of board for beginner surfers. Every surfer is different, and your first board will help turn you from a curious newbie to a beginner surfer who's ready for more. So, making the best choice is a good way to enter the surfing world and kickstart your first experience on the waves.

When you're looking for your first surfboard, you may want to consider the following tips:

Get What's Right For You. Surfing involves a lot of manoeuvring and balancing on the water, so getting something that will adequately support you is essential. A board that's perfect for someone else might not be perfect for you, particularly if they're a different height or weight than you. You should take the time to find a board that really is ideal for your height and weight and avoid buying the cheapest or easiest option.

At Waterman Store, we offer a wide selection of boards from leading brands in the surf industry. A new addition to our range is The Critical Slide Society which offer a veritable tool box of boards suitable for a variety of conditions and experience levels. With two longboards, a mid length and a fish, there’s something for everyone regardless of where you are in your surfing journey.

Another great brand is Salt Gypsy, which provides beautiful, high quality surf boards specifically designed for women of the sea. The three surfboard models: the Shorebird Fish Twin, the Mid Tide All-Rounder and the Dusty Longboard, offer everything from a performance approach to a more laidback, relaxed vibe. In combination they make an epic quiver covering a range of surf conditions and abilities for the everyday surf lifestyle.

Buy From A Trustworthy Seller. A board is meant to support you in the water, but a board made of cheap or unreliable materials might break far sooner than you'd hope. To avoid getting a low-quality board, you should only buy from a reputable seller.

A good seller will also be available to help you if you have questions about what you should get. If you are confused about their products or boards, you should contact them and ask whatever questions you need to determine which board is best for you.

Be Prepared For Your Surf Session. When you’re ready to hit the waves with your new board, remember to stock up on other surf essentials to ensure your experience is safe, comfortable and enjoyable. Check out our range of C-Skins wetsuits, FCS fins and leashes, suncreams and other accessories as well as our recent article highlighting all the essential surf gear you’ll need!

High-Quality Surfboards

Where Can I Find High-Quality Surfboards And Other Surf Accessories?

At Waterman Store, we are pleased to offer New Zealanders a large selection of boards, surf accessories and more. Our collection of boards contains longboards, mid-length boards, shortboards and even soft tops.

Our boards also come in a variety of colours and patterns, so you'll surely find a board that you love everything about. In addition to the boards themselves, we also sell essential surf accessories and board maintenance products to enhance your surfing experience and help to keep your board in fantastic condition.

Finding your ideal board can be challenging, especially if you have never shopped for one before. So, if you'd like to ask our knowledgeable team for help, we'd be happy to speak with you at 0800 909 999.

Sharpen your skills with an excellent surfboard from us at Waterman Store.

July 06, 2022 — chris javierto