Longboards for surfing from top brands

Due to their size, longboards have particularly high buoyancy and stability, making them a great choice for beginner surfers! Read on for more information about our products and sale items now.
Longboard NZ

Salt Gypsy Dusty - PU

Channelling an awesome retro style, the Salt Gypsy Dusty longboard is not the high-performance sort. It's made for the cruisers, the ones who love a chilled-out, smooth surfing experience.

Salt Gypsy is one of the surf industry's top brands, providing longboards, shortboards, and more!

Modern The Retro PU

Bringing a contemporary twist to an old-school design, the Retro is perfect for anyone on the search for a stable longboard.

Creative Army Huevo - PU

Surfing is a breeze with the Creative Army Huevo board. With no need for high-powered paddling, this board is perfect for surfers of all abilities, from beginners to advanced.

Creative Army Five Sugars

If you love a bit of speed in a wide range of wave conditions, the Five Sugars board is the one for you. As one of the more popular boards in our Creative Army collection, we recommend that you sign up to our mailing list to get in on this one!

Modern Golden Rule

Specifically designed to be extra user-friendly, the Modern surfboard Golden Rule allows the rider to pick and ride waves easily.

NSP Elements

Recreational surfers who want to fast-track their skills will love NSP's Elements longboard range. As one of our best-selling boards, it comes in five different sizes, with the prices adjusting according to the stated size.

Echelon Hepcat Mal

Hepcat, from one of our favourite brands Echelon, has a wide nose that is ideal for a long ride on the waves.

Echelon Flipside Mal

The Echelon Flipside has a chilled-out, classic design with a wide nose and a glossy finish.

NUU Whistlepunk

With a wide-point back, this board has an easy feel on the nose and pivoting the tail.

Echelon The Man

Giving the user the ability to ride each wave easily, The Man is a user-friendly all-rounder. Its design emphasises stability, control, and smooth turns.

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