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We supply some of their best products here at Waterman Store, so New Zealand surfers can get that world-leading innovation and originality - developed over four decades - right here. Be a part of the new millennium of hard-core surfing performance with Channel Islands Al Merrick surfboards.
Channel Islands Surfboards

Channel Islands Mini Dual-Core

Your go-to groveller in your shortboard quiver, this board is designed for a knee to head-high surf. This fishboard is super versatile, giving you a relaxed surfing experience while allowing for speed and wave catching ability. Featuring a single-to-double concave, thin rail, and a wide squash tail, the Fusion Dual-core in this board is among the most advanced manufacturing materials.

Channel Islands Twin Fin DC

Bringing on a retro 70's vibe, the Twin Fin is not ignorant of the constant change of the last few decades. Britt Merrick (whose father, Al Merrick, has his name on Channel Islands products) was the one who originally designed and hand-shaped this board, for a surf content where the competitors rode retro boards they made themselves. Shop now at Waterman Store Surfboards NZ.

Channel Islands Rocket9 Dual-Core

The Rocket9 works well in tight transitions and point breaks. Snappy and manoeuvrable, the Rocket9 has a pulled-in tail and a wide point forward. Paddling is super easy despite how small this board is, and because the wide point is up the front, the board can hide a bit of under-chest volume.

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