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Our shortboard surfboard range caters to a range of different experience levels. Read on to learn more about our premium surf products.


Chilli Rarest Bird - Twin Tech

The Rarest Bird is an amazingly versatile board. Featuring a single to double concave, this board is fast, responsive, and powerful in sub-par surf conditions. Surfers who want a board that reacts quickly and does half the work for them will get it with this board.

Chilli Hot Knife - Twin Tech

The perfect all-rounder surfboard, the Hot Knife makes riding waves easy in all conditions. Super responsive off the back foot, its flat tail rocker has an exit vee, facilitating continuous speed and better rail transitions.

7S JetstreamBlack

By its performance and from a design perspective, the 7S Jetstream could be described as a true hybrid among shortboard surfboards. With more surface area up the front than other shortboards, you can generate more speed. The round tail makes it easy to get controlled, smooth rail transitions.

7S Double Down - IM

Here to increase your wave count and your skills on small waves, this shortboard is stable and easy to use. It's the flattest of all the 7S surfboard models, which makes it faster, with better flow, and a better chance against sub-par surfing conditions.

Modern Falcon PU

The Modern surfboard Falcon is stable, buoyant, and perfect for beginners and intermediates who want to try their hand on a smaller board. As your skills improve, this is the kind of fun board that gets better over time. But it's not just for beginners - if you're a more experienced surfer, you will love the speed this board offers when you take it more aggressively.

Modern Highline PU

New to surfing and looking at shortboard surfboards? The Modern Highline could be the one for you. Using the most advanced manufacturing materials, this board was designed to help new surfers maximise their paddle power and skills faster. It has nice, soft rails that are plenty forgiving as you transition and make turns.

Modern Love Child

The Modern Love Child is a versatile cruiser. With a fin system that offers three different configurations, you can choose whether you want a free-flowing ride or something fast. That flexibility makes the Love Child suitable for beginners as well as the more experienced surfer.

Hayden Shapes Hypto Krypto

As a 3x Surfboard of the Year Winner, the Hypto Krypto surfboard range caters to everyday and professional surfers, this is a high-performance shortboard that aims for versatility. The 5-fin system has a sense of connection to the wave face, paddles well, and supports acceleration. Enjoy the Hypto Krypto in average conditions as well as pumping barrels.

Hayden Shapes Holy Grail

Sitting a cut above the Hypto Krypto surfboard models, the Hayden Shapes Holy Grail offers extra performance. Narrowing the width of the nose, adding curves, and extending the rail line all work in the favour of this board, giving it the ability to fit in tighter wave curves.

Channel Islands Rocket9 Dual-Core

The Channel Islands surfboard Rocket9 works well in tight transitions and point breaks. Snappy and manoeuvrable, the Rocket9 has a pulled-in tail and a wide point forward. Paddling is super easy despite how small this board is, and because the wide point is up the front, the board can hide a bit of under-chest volume.

Channel Islands Mini Dual-Core

Your go-to groveller in your board quiver, this board is designed for a knee to head-high surf. This fishboard is super versatile, giving you a relaxed surfing experience while allowing for speed and wave catching ability. Featuring a single-to-double concave, thin rail, and a wide squash tail, the Fusion Dual-core in this board is among the most advanced manufacturing materials.

Echelon Chill Pill Mal

This is one of our favourite mini mals, with a tapered outline in the tail and plenty of surface area for the front foot. Sure to double your wave count, this is a versatile shortboard that paddles well, adapts to conditions, and has plenty of turning ability.

Echelon Deuce Twin

The Deuce brings together the best of the shortboard and twin fin systems.

Gerry Lopez Little Darlin' Five-Fin

Quick, sweet, and easy to ride, the Little Darlin' is a high-performance shortboard with plenty of paddle power. Experienced surfers will love the speed, versatility, and holding power of this board.

Gerry Lopez Squirty Five Fin

Balancing paddling and manoeuvrability, this is a fantastic board that helps you catch waves and let rip once you start riding. The slightly rolled bottom has a low entry rocker that moves into a single concave before finishing as a double concave. Loose and fast, the Squirty has a user-friendly tail lift.

Gerry Lopez Pocket Rocket Tri-Fin

The Pocket Rocket is perfect for anywhere the waves are pumping, delivering extra manoeuvrability, speed, and control. Riding the wave doesn't have to be a hardcore exercise, and this fun board proves it.

Gerry Lopez Something Fishy Quad-Fin

Based on a timeless design, this fishboard has a hard, medium to low rail designed to generate speed.

Gerry Lopez Midway

A high-performance, mid-length design makes this board ideal for old-school and modern riding. Whatever you prefer, with the fuller nose and rails, edges, foils, and bottom rocker, this is a fast, steady, manoeuvrable board that maximises paddling.

7S Super Fish

Designed to generate speed, this board has a stable platform, a wide nose, parallel rails and fullness up the front. The tight, tapered swallow tail allows you to make tight turns and get a bit of bite in smooth conditions.

Black Sheep Surf Co Paper Plane

More suited to a better-shaped wave, this high-performance shortboard shines in hollow perfection.

Disco Inferno Tri-Fin

Suitable for large, hollow waves, the Disco Inferno has extra strength that will hold.

The Disco Cheater 5-Fin

Another iteration of the Disco series of shortboard surfboards, the Cheater is designed to be stable and make waves easy to catch.

NSP Protech Tinder

This is a board that gets you down the line fast, enhances your manoeuvres, and keeps you in the pocket of the wave.

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