Back when most surf skis were tippy, we used to believe that if a surf ski was stable it must be slow. Mastering an elite level surf ski in open waves remains challenging but today, stable entry level surf skis are only fractionally slower than elite skis. The new mantra is “stability before ability”.   

Starting to paddle in an unstable boat can lead to poor technique, which then becomes very hard to change. Working on developing technique is not easy in a surf ski when you have to constantly focus on keeping upright. 

A stable boat gives you a platform that you can use to build your forward stroke technique before taking on a more elite performance model. It's a great way to transition from flat water to waves. 

If you're keen on chasing waves then a beginner surf ski will allow you to develop great technique, have fun and be much safer. In addition to being much more stable, these craft are also much easier to get back into from the water. You'll also improve your downwind paddling much faster as you’ll be less tense and more focused on paddling hard to catch the waves.  

If you anticipate most of your paddling is likely to be on flat water and you're really looking for a challenge, then you could consider an intermediate surf ski.

There is a surf ski out there to suit everyone's ability. Talk to our friendly staff at the Waterman Store if you need advice on choosing the right surf ski for you. We know the products, we know the sport, and we love to help people get into the water.

July 28, 2016 — Ange Johnston