The key to going faster on your surf ski is not just about logging more miles. If you don't have time to train twice a day six days a week - and not many of us do - you can still make some significant gains. The key is using very specific training goals to increase your surf ski speed every time you're out on the water. 

Good improvements can be made purely in working on the forward stroke technique for example. As your stroke improves, so will your stability in the surf ski and the power to accelerate. 

Keeping straight arms is another important technique to concentrate on. It's important to pause for a split second before “spearing” the paddle blade down into the water. This sets the racing surf ski up to glide nicely as well giving you time to shift control to your upper hand.

Once you're gaining confidence with the arms, work on the Leg Drive - a good technique here will also give you speed and stability. You'll also need to work on increasing your cadence and improving your balance if you're going to get quicker. 

Mastering downwind paddling is another aspect of surf ski racing that needs constant deliberate practice every time you're out on the water. Always angle the nose of the ski towards the biggest trough and focus on catching just one run at a time. Then, link multiple small runs together and focus on catching as many runs as possible. When you're on the wave, steer across it at an angle.  

The main tip for a focused training session is to keep your paddle moving. As long as you're focused on improving your momentum, consistency and timing, you're going to increase your speed.

July 28, 2016 — Ange Johnston