The sun is out, the waves are crashing and your fellow surfers are rushing to the beach with their best boards, but you have a problem - you’re still looking to buy some new modern surfboards to curate the perfect quiver! How do you effectively know which kind of board is best for you?

Unless you’re already a well-experienced surfer, knowing just what kind of board you should use can be challenging. Doing your research before you purchase is always a good idea to ensure you make the right decision.

Different Surfboards And Their Benefits - Which Is Best For You?

When selecting a new board, there are three main categories to explore and consider - longboards, shortboards and mid-length boards. Understanding the key differences between the three is vital if you want to develop your skills and grow as a surfer. 

Your patience, talent and drive are what will turn you into an expert surfer but having the right surf board with you on the waves can make the process easier and more enjoyable!

Check out the differences between each of these boards types to determine which is best for you, your surfing style and capabilities:

Longboards. As their name implies, longboards are long and large - typically ranging from 8-10ft long. Their wide, lengthy shape gives them stability that might makes them perfect for beginner surfers and those looking for fun, cruisy surf sessions.

Longboards are specifically built to be buoyant, stable and easy to balance. Their shape makes them perfect for amateur surfers to practice standing and balancing on. Additionally, longboards have a distinct shape that allows for walking and noseriding. Because longboards are built to be stable and beginner-friendly, this also means that they aren’t as manoeuvrable as shorter boards. You most likely won’t be able to pull any fancy tricks with a longboard so it would be best to master standing and balancing on a longboard before graduating to a mid-length or shortboard. 

Some of our favourite logs include the All-Rounderand Loggerhead’ from The Critical Slide Society as well as The Salt Gypsy Dustyand our Echelon ‘The Man’. If you are looking for a true beginners board, a good place to start is the Gnaraloo Beach Cruiser.

Shortboards. While longboards are designed to be stable, shortboards are designed to give you the mobility of someone who is one with the waves. These shorter boards are, naturally, shorter and thinner than longboards. Their pointed ends make them easier to point and direct your weight to perform complex manoeuvres.

With a shortboard, you sacrifice your stability for great mobility. Experienced surfers can use their trusty shortboards to ride the waves like it’s nothing, using their board’s excellent manoeuvrability to their utmost advantage. 

It’s highly recommended that beginner surfers do not try to use a shortboard while they’re still learning the basics because these boards are far more difficult to handle. Instead, beginners should practice with their longer surfboards to push their abilities and gain confidence. 

Waterman Store has a wide selection of performance shortboards for you to choose from here.

Mid-Length Boards. After learning all about how longboards are ideal for beginners and how shortboards are more suitable for experienced surfers, you might wonder if there’s any middle ground to explore. Do you have to jump right from your trusty longboard to a tricky yet thrilling shortboard, or is there another board type to try?

For those surfers who want the best of both worlds, you should take a look at mid-length boards. These incredible boards aren’t as long and thick as longboards, but they’re not as short and sleek as shortboards, either. This means that these modern surfboards can offer you a good level of stability and mobility at the same time. 

Mid-length boards are praised for being a fantastic choice for nearly every kind of surfer. Everyone from beginners to hardened pros can enjoy using a mid-length board, although, of course, beginners might have a little trouble with the extra manoeuvrability.

If you have mastered your longboard but aren’t yet ready for a new shortboard, take a shot at using a mid-length board. With top surfboard brands like Salt Gypsy, Modern and Creative Army, our selection of mid-length boards is sure to impress!

Why Buying Online Might Be The Best Choice

Purchasing your new board online is a great option because you’ll be able to browse through heaps of options at a faster pace. Waterman Store is open online 24/7 making it easy to find your perfect modern surfboard online. 

Your surfboard is going to help you connect with the ocean and hone your skills, so you should never force yourself to settle on something that doesn’t tick all of your boxes. Purchasing a board online allows you to find the perfect size, shape, type and colour. If you need any help deciding on a board, we are here to help! Check out more helpful articles here or contact us directly here!

Where To Find High-Quality Boards Online For Your Next New Zealand Surfing Adventure

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August 28, 2022 — chris javierto