As you look for your first surfboard, you'll be faced with many decisions. What kind of board should you get? Is a longboard better for beginners, or should you get a shortboard? What about board shape? These questions can become overwhelming and confusing to a novice surfer, and you'll probably end up more confused than when you started.

Luckily, finding your first surfboard isn't as hard as you might think. You'll most likely find a suitable board by following the few simple tips and tricks listed in this article.

What Kind Of Board Should Beginner Surfers Get?

The first thing many novice surfers think about is what kind of board they should get. There are countless options out there, but which type is best for someone who's still learning the ropes?

The simple answer is to choose a longboard. As their name implies, these boards are rather long and broad when compared to mid-length or shortboards. Although you might initially think handling and carrying around a large, longer board is cumbersome, these longer boards are far better for people who are just starting out.

This is because the longer and broader a board is, the more buoyant and stable it is. For many beginners, the hardest part of starting to surf is learning how to stay upright on your board. So, the more buoyant a board is, the easier it'll be to stand up and go from wobbly-legged starter to rock-steady surfer.

Of course, not every longboard is the same. Once you've decided on a longboard for your starter surfboard, you'll still need to figure out exactly which one will be best for you.

What Qualities Should I Look For In A Starter Board?

Surfing properly has a lot to do with balance and control. Because not everyone is the same height or weight, different boards are better suited to different people. It would help to think about your skill level and your body as you choose your board.

Think about these key things as you shop:

Get A Board That's Taller Than You. As a general rule of thumb, it's typically recommended to get a longboard that's around ninety centimetres taller than you, give or take. This will give you plenty of board to work with as you learn how to balance, paddle and catch waves.

Get A Board Thats Taller Than You


Dusty’ from Salt Gyspy is perfect for female surfers regardless of their experience level! The Dusty is by no means a performance Longboard, this board is about getting onto waves really early, setting the line, and then feeling the trim as you cruise down the line.

Get A Buoyant Board. Many beginner surfers assume that standing up and balancing on a board will be easy, but most find it a lot harder than they thought! Learning how to stabilise yourself on the water is no easy task. Getting a thicker, buoyant board is recommended if you want to give yourself some extra help.

Get A Buoyant Board


The Gnaraloo Beach Cruiser foamie provides the ultimate in fun and safety for beginner surfers. These boards are incredibly buoyant, stable, and easy to ride.

Don't Worry About Board Shape Or Fins Just Yet. A lot of beginners think they'll be shredding the waves and learning incredible manoeuvres after a week or two of surf school, but chances are, you'll be learning the basics and getting used to the water for a bit longer than you think. Therefore, you shouldn't worry too much about your board's shape or how many fins you have right away.

Get A Board That Reflects Your Skill Level. It's typical to imagine yourself pulling pro-level moves, even if you're just starting out. There's nothing wrong with dreaming big and picturing yourself as a highly-skilled surfer. But, you should always stay realistic and remember that, for now, a beginner's longboard is probably best. When you hone your skills and master your longer, broader board, then it'll be time to advance to the harder-to-use surfboards.

Get A Board That Reflects Your Skill Level


The Critical Slide Society collection features two longboards, a mid length and a twin fin - perfect for working your way up as your surfing skills progress over time!

If you need help selecting your board, you may want to speak with the staff at the shop you are looking at or speak to your surf coach if you are taking lessons.

Remember These Key Takeaways Before You Make Your Purchase

The right surfboard can make your lessons more manageable and much more fun. So, remember these key things as you shop:

  • Longboards are the best option for beginners because they offer excellent buoyancy and balance. With one of these boards, you'll have an easier time learning how to stand on your board and balance on the water.
  • Go for a board that's tall and broad so that you have plenty of room to work with.
  • Avoid going straight for the advanced boards. Instead, go for a surfboard that fits your skill level.
advanced boards

Where Can I Find Boards That Are High-Quality And Aesthetically Pleasing?


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